About us

Founded in 2022, Eleonora is a Saudi contemporary fashion brand rooted in a philosophy that seamlessly blends the latest design trends with an innate sense of elegance. Our dedicated team meticulously attends to delicate details, enhancing the modern woman’s wardrobe.

Each garment we craft embodies timeless design, ensuring its enduring appeal. We carefully select the finest sustainable fabrics, prioritizing both quality and comfort.

The name Eleonora, derived from Italian, signifies light, representing radiance, power, and, in a broader sense, exquisite beauty. These are the very qualities that a woman adorned in Eleonora attire should embody.

Our concept encompasses a wide range of options, including full outfits and set outfits, allowing you to curate a complete and coordinated look. We trust that you will derive as much pleasure from wearing our clothing as we derive from creating them!